Monday, 28 May 2012

Beachcomber Park; a Nanoose Spot

I spent an idyllic afternoon visiting Beachcomber Regional Park in Nanoose Bay. It's perhaps a 15 minute ride from the north end of Nanaimo and it's incredibly wonderful to explore treasures in the middle of a rural community. It's no wonder celebrities like the MacManus family (Diana Krall and Elvis Costello) make their home in Nanoose Bay.

It's a small park. The sign on the road lists some simple rules residents want us to follow and states there is no moorage. A three year old can navigate the trail over gnarled tree trunks and find delight in hurling rocks into the water. Seagulls swoop overhead amidst the occasional drone of a plane or helicopter. The bull kelp on the beach fascinates and mysterious round heads, possibly seals, bob up in the nearby water. Our sandwich tastes so much better when eaten on a large outcropping of rock laced with barnacles.

 We chat with a friendly nine year old boy who came by to show off the crab  he'd found. A bald eagle squawked on a nearby high tree tree while the sun warms the earth. Across the blue sparkling water a mountain topped with snow watches us.

This is why I am here. Yes, cosmopolitan employment, amenities and services have their place. But you can't buy this stuff. This pristine spot is a wilderness gem. Peace hangs thick here.

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